Sunday, May 30, 2010

40's-60's Classy Ladies for Sale!*

the sweater is from anthropologie, and the shirt and shoes are vintage in perfect condition. each of the three items is a separate listing on ebay, but if you like it all want to work something out, just comment and i will be more than happy to bypass ebay. very vintage, very classy, and very versatile for any situation. once again, my my ebay link is right here. enjoy.*
vintage 2 for sale!60s skirt close-up
anthropologie sweatersweater close up
close up shoesback of shoes

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally! Vintage for Sale!*

as i wait anxiously for my film from our magical southern gypsy tour to be processed and scanned, i shall begin the humongous task that is posting the vintage clothes that i'm selling.... i have about a million really cool vintage pieces that i have collected carefully from all over throughout the years, so i will just do one at a time. always quality, authentic, affordable, and unique pieces for your growing steez. if interested in details of purchasing items, please check out my ebay account!
(also, if anyone knows how to set photos as links to go directly though ebay, that would be an awesome tip. thanks. i'm having some issues with the account so it will be fixed tomorrow for purchase. sorry.)*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.*

so far, my favorite thing about new orleans is maria laveau, the famous "voodoo queen." she lived in perpetual youth for over a century and prepared gris-gris for the locals for hexes and charms. everything here is creepy, old, beautiful, haunting, intricate, sketchy, warm, and full of liquor. cafe au lait and beignets, gumbo and po-boys, hurricanes and hand grendaes, rovers are daiquiris, and strippers lettin tourists suck their titties for A DOLLAR. and then there's the magic....*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Exploratory Nature.*

going on an exploration....see you soon....*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Multiple Personalities.*

while preparing for our upcoming and highly anticipated road trip through the south, i consider how i may very well stick out in swampy bayou towns full of good old boys with guns and missing teeth. this, of course, is a huge generalization and sounds quite ignorant, i know. i could find myself totally surprised. new orleans, baton rouge, birmingham, charelston, savannah, jackson, memphis, many places to see. sometimes i dress like a grandma, and sometimes an art teacher. sometimes, a retro librarian, and sometimes like i'm 13 again.... what do i want to put out there, and how do i want to represent myself in this totally foreign place where i can try to be anonymous or stick out like a sore thumb? i wouldn't give it so much thought if i didn't have any tricks up my sleeves....heres hoping for beautiful photo ops....*
top left: 60's vintage beaded sweater, 70's vintage OP shirt, ripped lace jeans by silence + noise for Urban Outfitters, high-heeled buckle boots by We Who See for Urban Outfitters,aviator glasses by Channel.
top right: 90's vintage striped blouse, vintage rust sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, Frye boots, 70's vintage glasses.
middle left: 60's vintage blouse, 50's vintage pencil skirt, gold tights by American Apparel, vintage yellow peeptoe wedges.
middle right: 90's vintage floral top, Miss Sixty cutoffs, knee-high socks by American Apparel, mary janes by Doc Martin.
bottom: 80's vintage beaded and sewn glitter sweater, Diesel jeans, We Who See booties for Urban Outfitters, purse by Valentino.*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome, Sunshine.*

mi familia, mi familiar...*
i was looking through both old and new photos and stumbled upon this little set of our small family in nice lighting. i really need to make the background all blown out more often. while i hang out with many a photographer and know this is a cliche trick, i can't help but still be totally attracted to the aesthetic.... 5 weeks left until i am a free woman and will post every day. soaking up the last few weeks, like rays of sunshine before the indian summer. trying to exert my last bit of good influence over my troubled babies, before i squeeze them tight and let them go forward with their own lives. i got all these mother's day wishes, and i haven't even had a human baby of my own yet. must be doing something right....?*
I Believe This
Man Hands
Royal Ham
Skeptical Skyline

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Harem Lifestyle and Favorite Pants.*

try as i may, i cannot get over my lifelong obsession with all things harem, courtesan, geisha.... it has culminated into a huge adoration of harem pants, which are widely popular but not the easiest to find. for the life of me, i can't find out whose fashion shows these flicks are from, but they are exactly what i want.

the harems had the good life. considering they were often sold or kidnapped and held captive against their will to be sex slaves, at least they lived well. i wouldn't mind living like this, including the opium and the naked poolside feasting:

except maybe the men would wait on us instead.*