Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome, Sunshine.*

mi familia, mi familiar...*
i was looking through both old and new photos and stumbled upon this little set of our small family in nice lighting. i really need to make the background all blown out more often. while i hang out with many a photographer and know this is a cliche trick, i can't help but still be totally attracted to the aesthetic.... 5 weeks left until i am a free woman and will post every day. soaking up the last few weeks, like rays of sunshine before the indian summer. trying to exert my last bit of good influence over my troubled babies, before i squeeze them tight and let them go forward with their own lives. i got all these mother's day wishes, and i haven't even had a human baby of my own yet. must be doing something right....?*
I Believe This
Man Hands
Royal Ham
Skeptical Skyline

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