Saturday, July 24, 2010

The High Priestess of Rock N' Roll.*

speaking of influential sorceresses, i just felt the need to pay homage to my favorite one in history, stevie herself. talk about a fashion icon! from her youth to her peak and even now, this woman was edgy, vampy, and still soft and classic somehow. i wish i had my own white owl familiar to perch upon my blessed hand....*
young stevie
witchy woman

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Craft.*

while re-eading my occult and esoteric books from my youth, i find that they still resonate with me now more than ever and i am finally at a point to committ deeply to the practice. my new pendant is providing strength and protection already, made of bloodstone and rainbow moonstone. and please tell me you all remember the most influential movie of my 13th bet your ass i had this movie poster up in my bedroom and watched it like 5 times a week. here are some top new age/ magick stores in los angeles. check them out and you too could have an awesome setup like these. btw, fairuza balk herself owns panpipes, and it is the oldest magick and occult store in los angeles (since 1961). oh, and don't forget to note the awesome 90's sketchers these witchy bitches rocked.*
panpipes magickal marketplace
bodhi tree
cauldron kitty
alexandria II
voodoo altar
the witching crew
invoking the spirit
the craft

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Art, Crack Rocks, and Dead Turkeys.*

i need to develop my film this week of our great adventure on the res, but until then, we shall use ian and kali's. the adventure began with a dead turkey and some timothy leary-inspired paper. the next day: burned out, no sleep, but so worth it. sitting on the stairs of the crackspot in downtown san diego. its residents were surprisingly cordial. then, me at the recent kelsey brookes, kime buzzeli, and albery reyes show at new image art gallery. good stuff. for more, check out
new image art.*
Home on the Res
pretty girls at the san diego crackspot
k at new image

Aging Gracefully in Colored Socks and Clogs.*

can i just say that the best thing about getting older is a cyclical sense of validation of my good taste? throughout the years, i remember being both honored and critiqued for various fashion trends and pop culture interests, and as they all come back into style one by one, i get to say, "i told you so," to all the homegirls that laughed at me. case in point #1: clogs. always loved them. now they are back in style. case in point #2: socks with heels. thanks to alexander wang, cynthia rowley, and dear old urban outfitters for the support. it's back in style, bitches. " i told you so."*
i told you bitches clogs were cool
the best of both words: clogs and socks
i told you socks with heels was where it's at
Alexander Wang

They Don't Make Freaks Life They Used To, Baby.*

while the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn connected qabalah, tarot, geomancy, divination, astral travel, eastern and western mysticism, and alchemy, aleister crowley took it the farthest and developed his own religious philosophy, Thelema. great libertine, occulist, ritual and ceremonial magician, hedonist, drug-user, poet, mystic, prophet of the Aeon of Horus, and proponent of the philosophy "Do What Thou Wilt," he was basically The Man. crowley was also an artist, mountaineer, heroin addict, excellent chess player, writer, poet, and leader of a sex cult – otherwise known as “the wickedest man in the world”. aleister killed his first cat aged 11, and was linked throughout his life to rumors of infanticide and cannibalism. He caught gonorrhea before he even got to university, was openly bisexual, and would often brand his lovers with magic symbols on their chest.... he also liked to wear a talisman around his neck called segelah, which was smeared with dried semen and menstrual blood. but enough about the man, i’ll let his poetry do the talking: “stab your demoniac smile to my brain,/ soak me in cognac, cunt and cocaine." where are all the mystical babes like this nowadays?*
ceremonial magician
aleister in the golden dawn
crowley the magician
heroin and jesus

*for more witty commentary on weird shit, check out this girl at wanderlust.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hamburgers and Milk Thieves in the Night.*

so i am working on an official website. have some magickal plans that i am preparing for. excited and hopeful and anxious to get i will post a link to the new and improved website very soon....but until then, can i just say that i ate [a bite of] my first hamburger in about 13 years the other day? it took lots of balls, but i figured that one only has the pleasure of being served a gourmet hamburger by a real czech prostitute once in a lifetime....kali shared her diablo and i conquered my guilty fear, and then marla tried to come up on her cereal potpourri that i made her. (she is a notorious milk thief.) thanks to youngbuff for the rainbow documentation of this momentous event.*
Home of the Czech Prostitute
My First Hamburger in 13 Years
Marla is a Cereal Thief
Marla in HD


this is by far thee coolest thing on the internet that i have come across in a really long time. click here to be transported to an awesome time in meowmania.*

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier: Aztecs and Avatars.*

i got the most badass magazine from some news stand called "L'Officiel 1000 Models Haute Couture Spring Summer 2010 Paris N. 102." it has photos of the complete lines for spring and summer for so many amazing designers, but by far the most avant-garde was Gautlier. Reviews: "New fashion 2010: Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2010 collection at Paris Haute Couture: Designer Jean Paul Gaultier was inspired by the Aztecs and also the film Avatar, prompting a Mexican fiesta of a collection. Conquistador-style armour featured throughout. The collection featured dresses woven in the manner of peasant baskets, in ribbons of shadow-dyed silk and suede. Giant sombreros, and hand-tooled leather and cowboy boots added to the fiesta feel. An exotic twist was created in the form of palm tree headdresses and multi-plaited hairstyles." ( the last one totally reminds me of the gaga outfit where she was gowned in blood. i'm willing to bet she ate this shit up too.*


jessica is one of my cutest friends ever. she is like the female hunter s. thomspson and she is giddy and fabulously stylish. beethoven shirt, ripped jens, handmade bag, and mac jacobs shoes. below her are the two hottest pirate chicks i've ever seen, bush hangin' out and all. i love d.i.y. kinda awesome.*
Pirate Hotness

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back in the Day When We Partied in the Bay.*

i didn't get to go to sf pride this past year, and as i was looking through old photos, i found these from way back when. i'm not gay, but man, do gay people know how to par-tay.*
My Gym Teacher Was A Dyke
Dyke March Parasol
End All Bodyshame
Smoke a Joint Like So

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

San Diego Flashbacks.*

i also came across this picture that i took while ago in san diego for the last 4th of july extravaganza. this was 3 years ago, and now we are definitely dedicating every 4th to the res and its magic. while being driven by a drunken rudy through san diego, we came across a bum who decided it would be a lovely idea to flash us his scabies-ridden ass and ballsack. we ended up giving him a tecate in exchange for his sign, and then trying the sign out ourselves. san diego never disappoints.*
Classic Rudy
Bum Ass
God Bless
Shady Days in San Diego

Marla's Signature Line.*

this is yet another adorable flick that ian took of our fuzzy baby, and then there are the fuzzy apparel below. soft, cute, and totally available on the cat cult site.*