Monday, July 19, 2010

The Craft.*

while re-eading my occult and esoteric books from my youth, i find that they still resonate with me now more than ever and i am finally at a point to committ deeply to the practice. my new pendant is providing strength and protection already, made of bloodstone and rainbow moonstone. and please tell me you all remember the most influential movie of my 13th bet your ass i had this movie poster up in my bedroom and watched it like 5 times a week. here are some top new age/ magick stores in los angeles. check them out and you too could have an awesome setup like these. btw, fairuza balk herself owns panpipes, and it is the oldest magick and occult store in los angeles (since 1961). oh, and don't forget to note the awesome 90's sketchers these witchy bitches rocked.*
panpipes magickal marketplace
bodhi tree
cauldron kitty
alexandria II
voodoo altar
the witching crew
invoking the spirit
the craft

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