Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aging Gracefully in Colored Socks and Clogs.*

can i just say that the best thing about getting older is a cyclical sense of validation of my good taste? throughout the years, i remember being both honored and critiqued for various fashion trends and pop culture interests, and as they all come back into style one by one, i get to say, "i told you so," to all the homegirls that laughed at me. case in point #1: clogs. always loved them. now they are back in style. case in point #2: socks with heels. thanks to alexander wang, cynthia rowley, and dear old urban outfitters for the support. it's back in style, bitches. " i told you so."*
i told you bitches clogs were cool
the best of both words: clogs and socks
i told you socks with heels was where it's at
Alexander Wang

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