Friday, July 16, 2010

Hamburgers and Milk Thieves in the Night.*

so i am working on an official website. have some magickal plans that i am preparing for. excited and hopeful and anxious to get i will post a link to the new and improved website very soon....but until then, can i just say that i ate [a bite of] my first hamburger in about 13 years the other day? it took lots of balls, but i figured that one only has the pleasure of being served a gourmet hamburger by a real czech prostitute once in a lifetime....kali shared her diablo and i conquered my guilty fear, and then marla tried to come up on her cereal potpourri that i made her. (she is a notorious milk thief.) thanks to youngbuff for the rainbow documentation of this momentous event.*
Home of the Czech Prostitute
My First Hamburger in 13 Years
Marla is a Cereal Thief
Marla in HD

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