Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Gypsies.*

in the heat of the summer, each day has been driven by a relentless momentum, and it's wonderful. one day last week, one of my closest and oldest friends came to visit from new york on one of her cross-country gypsy adventures. we went to a bookstore and i stumbled upon this photographer, ian mckell and his book the new gypsies, which documents nomadic tribes of people at stonehenge during summer solstice. they are breathtaking and make me just want to pack up and go. plans for the future, where time stands still....*

Friday, June 17, 2011

90s Lust Strikes Again.*

i keep thinking about how much i miss being a teenager and watching "my so-called life," relating to angela chase and having these posters from seventeen mag up in my purple room as i dyed my hair red for the first time circa 1994. thank you, claire danes, for embodying our glorious teenage angst of the 90s. poor millennium kids got no role models as worthy as ours were, but maybe that's just my generational bias talking. whatever.*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Medicinal Botanical Wonders.*

so now that i'm preparing myself for graduate school for botany and plant biology, i am trying to teach myself chemistry. yes, this is as hard as it sounds, but i keep getting distracted with the pretty pictures, as usual. it's pretty cool to think that botanists were illustrating these well over 100 years ago, but the plants are still exactly the same. if anyone knows the original botanical illustrator, please comment, since as of the moment i can't hunt his name down anywhere. thx.*

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

80's Goth Nostalgia.*

so i stumbled across these images on this blog called nowthisisgothic and fell into a momentary lapse of the age-old "remember when..." nostalgic haze. i wasn't even old enough to be into this until a decade after it passed, but it still feels like a part of my heritage in a weird way. i wish real goth kids still looked this cool....*

thorston & friend, cermany. (who knows who this kid is, but he is only of the only non-band-related faces on the web from this time period.

@the bat cave in 1984.

skinny puppy.

bat cave, london, 1980's.

holly, vancouver. (i definitely wore this outfit recently.)


Monday, June 6, 2011

Vinyl Williams.*

so my homegurl told me about this dude's tumblr, vinyl williams, and now i'm seeing his work everywhere. i typically much prefer handmade collages to graphcally designed ones, but these are pretty nifty.*

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Experiemental Moon Gooddess, Kate Bush.*

this morning, i'd just like to take a moment to reflect on how incredible kate bush's career has been. she has been making music for almost 40 years and has influences so many other amazing artists. if you haven't ever taken the time to really understand her, you should probably do that like now.*

kate & posse dancing thriller-style on the moon...

an extensive interview....

Reliving my Southern Gothic Adventure: Part 2.*

continuing on with this week of remembrance for one of the best trips i have taken, i want to relive this time over&over again. this was our amtrack ride from birmingham, alabama to new orleans, louisiana. swamps, rivers, bridges, and cemetaries for miles. no better feeling of freedom in the world....*
This is a Long Drive for Someone With nothing to Think About
New Orleans Bridge
Miles of Mosoleums
Louisiana Carnie
Good Morning