Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Multiple Personalities.*

while preparing for our upcoming and highly anticipated road trip through the south, i consider how i may very well stick out in swampy bayou towns full of good old boys with guns and missing teeth. this, of course, is a huge generalization and sounds quite ignorant, i know. i could find myself totally surprised. new orleans, baton rouge, birmingham, charelston, savannah, jackson, memphis, many places to see. sometimes i dress like a grandma, and sometimes an art teacher. sometimes, a retro librarian, and sometimes like i'm 13 again.... what do i want to put out there, and how do i want to represent myself in this totally foreign place where i can try to be anonymous or stick out like a sore thumb? i wouldn't give it so much thought if i didn't have any tricks up my sleeves....heres hoping for beautiful photo ops....*
top left: 60's vintage beaded sweater, 70's vintage OP shirt, ripped lace jeans by silence + noise for Urban Outfitters, high-heeled buckle boots by We Who See for Urban Outfitters,aviator glasses by Channel.
top right: 90's vintage striped blouse, vintage rust sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, Frye boots, 70's vintage glasses.
middle left: 60's vintage blouse, 50's vintage pencil skirt, gold tights by American Apparel, vintage yellow peeptoe wedges.
middle right: 90's vintage floral top, Miss Sixty cutoffs, knee-high socks by American Apparel, mary janes by Doc Martin.
bottom: 80's vintage beaded and sewn glitter sweater, Diesel jeans, We Who See booties for Urban Outfitters, purse by Valentino.*

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