Monday, February 28, 2011

Witchsters and Gypsters.*

it's like malcom gladwell's idea of the tipping point: all of the sudden, things become wildly popular and everyone is into the same trends. in a way, it's cool to see the things i've loved since puberty finally being appreciated, but it's also annoying that things get so appropriated. so it is with all things goth at this moment: everyone is a tarot reader or a gypsy (or, as i recently heard, a "gypster," or a "witchster" ha!), everyone wears black lace and capes and witch boots and loves upside-down crosses and stones and chains and cats and owls...i was talking with my fellow OG goth homegurl on friday night and we were lamenting over this recent aesthetic appreciation of our ever-cherished subculture and the neverending phenomenon of co-opting subcultures for popular culture. there's more to it than black lipstick, dudes (even though we know it does look realllllly cool).*

Givency, Fall 2008

Sisters of the Black Moon

Dash Snow

"Pagan Chic" by Luella Bartley

Gareth Pugh; Gemma Slack

Alexander McQueen photographed by Terry Richardson

Raquel Zimmermann by Terry Richardson

Hipster Cat.*

i really just couldn't resist.*

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Claire Rojas, Oceanic Awareness Collaboration, and Freak City.*

here's what's up for tonight. see ya there, los angeles!*

Fashion Funktion No.3
Saturday Feb. 26th
Taking place in the new Freak City location, a famous old Hollywood multi level department store.
Fashion Funktion is an event that brings together the world of fashion, style, beauty and music.
Some of the participants are today's most influential designers, brands, artists and icons, showcasing merchandise
that ranges from designer, vintage, custom clothing and hand made accessories. We will also have a music section with records, cassettes and more.
There will be drinks, djs and a special live performance...
FREE before midnight
$10 after
Entrance through back alley off Cahuenga

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainbow Arabia.*

my very good homegirl at recently showed me what's up with rainbow arabia. i really like them. they are playing at the echoplex on march 25. see you there.*

Skate Witches!*

this was the intro post to my old wordpress site. i guess now it's really popular and "they" even make "skate witches" jackets? i'd rock one.*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anthropological Inspiration.*

anthropologie catalogues never cease to impress and inspire me with their aesthetic, images, and landscapes.*

and while lurking images (since i am definitely not trying to scan my catalogues), i found that it's popular to alter the catalogues....cute.

altered book studio

christa kimble

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tarot and the Golden Proportion.*

our beloved alejandro teamed up with philippe camoin, a descendent of nocholas conver, who was a master cardmaker and engraver for the king's court back in 1760. they revived all 78 of the original tarot cards and found that much of the significant imagery and many symbols were erased over the years. there are complex structures that connect the cards to one another, and even the golden proportion, the ratio that was used to build cathedrals and pyramids, fits into the picture. jodorowsky's research concludes that the Tarot of Marseille is real, OG deck- a blend of arabic, aztec, jewish, and christian traditions that emerged from the first century. "In truth, tarot is anonymous, because it's sacred art, and all sacred arts are anonymous. It comes from dreams and the collective unconscious."*

although i still really love other decks aesthetically, such as this dali deck:

from the la luna tarot collection blog.

Psychomagic & Alajandro Jodorowsky.*

Chilean writer, filmmaker, playwright, historian, composer, healer, mystic, tarot master, founder and psychomagic and psychoshamanism. AND he likes cross-eyed cats! much love for this 80 year-old genius-babe.*

Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fabula 52, June 9, 1968, from

"Magic is in beliefs, in superstitions; it seeks to dominate the outside world with rituals and symbols. Psychomagic is the control of the internal world, of a world outside of all superstition, and of all self-deception. I am mortal, but how can I think that I'm powerful when there's this enormous universe of eternity and infinity? What right do I have to talk about such power? My power is that of knowing myself. On the facades of Greek temples was written the phrase, "KNOW THYSELF." Once can't know anything more than that. Reality is not what it was, it's not what it will be, it's not what you want it to be. It is what it is. There's nothing nonessential about it, just things as they are. When we enter into what things are, we are in magic...We are shaped by the forest, which is society and transmits time, history, the past, and culture."*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dublab Presents: Our Minds Align.*

this is going on tonight. dublab always put on good events and it's also a cinefamily thing. do it.*

check out more info at*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Russia with Love.*

boy pushka gets possessed by faeries en la pad de tot con lulu, vintage teacups, y libros.*

best picture EVER

good things



boy pushka

pad de tot

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pink Friday: Make Way for the New Queen of Pop.*

why do i love her SO MUCH? she's really a good rapper, has bomb style, is like the hip hop lady gaga, and has an ass that is beyond impossible to describe in words. (there are rumours about her getting ass implants, but she denies it and i'm pretty sure it's b.s.) the first is video is an official one, and the last two are just slideshows because there aren't videos yet, but the songs are so catchy that i included them anyway. speaking of pink friday, i danced to this shit for an hour straight friday night and busted such intense hip hop moves that now i have a limp and a knee problem that isn't quitting. that's called inspiration.*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bulgaria in Lomo.*

this girl has a good blog. she takes pictures only with lomo cameras and she just went to bulgaria to shoot. i have been dying to visit eastern europe for ages for exactly this reason. is embodies my love for the beauty of decay and decrepitude more than any other place in the world due to all it's been through. check her out at*

Black Magick Woman.*

a golden find from daniella, and then our beloved fleetwood mac. if anyone has this album lying around, i will totally buy it from you. the hunt is on.*