Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tarot and the Golden Proportion.*

our beloved alejandro teamed up with philippe camoin, a descendent of nocholas conver, who was a master cardmaker and engraver for the king's court back in 1760. they revived all 78 of the original tarot cards and found that much of the significant imagery and many symbols were erased over the years. there are complex structures that connect the cards to one another, and even the golden proportion, the ratio that was used to build cathedrals and pyramids, fits into the picture. jodorowsky's research concludes that the Tarot of Marseille is real, OG deck- a blend of arabic, aztec, jewish, and christian traditions that emerged from the first century. "In truth, tarot is anonymous, because it's sacred art, and all sacred arts are anonymous. It comes from dreams and the collective unconscious."*

although i still really love other decks aesthetically, such as this dali deck:

from the la luna tarot collection blog.

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