Monday, February 28, 2011

Witchsters and Gypsters.*

it's like malcom gladwell's idea of the tipping point: all of the sudden, things become wildly popular and everyone is into the same trends. in a way, it's cool to see the things i've loved since puberty finally being appreciated, but it's also annoying that things get so appropriated. so it is with all things goth at this moment: everyone is a tarot reader or a gypsy (or, as i recently heard, a "gypster," or a "witchster" ha!), everyone wears black lace and capes and witch boots and loves upside-down crosses and stones and chains and cats and owls...i was talking with my fellow OG goth homegurl on friday night and we were lamenting over this recent aesthetic appreciation of our ever-cherished subculture and the neverending phenomenon of co-opting subcultures for popular culture. there's more to it than black lipstick, dudes (even though we know it does look realllllly cool).*

Givency, Fall 2008

Sisters of the Black Moon

Dash Snow

"Pagan Chic" by Luella Bartley

Gareth Pugh; Gemma Slack

Alexander McQueen photographed by Terry Richardson

Raquel Zimmermann by Terry Richardson


  1. people come around eventually.
    I've been loving witches since junior high.

  2. i'm so grateful for guys like you in the world. i've been loving them since that age as well. we would have been friends for sure.*