Friday, January 28, 2011

The Magic Paw: Cats and Worldly Mythology.*

could this website be filled with any more wondrous information? i think not. please see for yourself and be amazed.*
magicpaw: cats in world mythology.*

the norse goddess freyja riding a cat chariot:
Freyja riding with her cats (1874)

old french board game like chutes and ladders but with cats:
old french board game

pretty much the dopest ring i've ever seen and *will* get my hands on:
bastet astrology ring

painting from the tomb of nebamun built in about 1400 BC in ancient egypt showing a cat that has similarities to the modern day feral egyptian mau.
(some experts think that the ancient egyptians trained cats to catch birds.):

and, of course, nothing says FUN! like dressing up your cat and making a vintage christmas card:

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