Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Dream of Pinky.*

ian told me about this dream he had the other night with a mysterious, pale, goth girl with light pink, faded made me remember my 10 years of pink hair and how i so miss pastel shades framing my face. (odd fact: my nickname in high school was "Pinky" and i was uber-goth.) i wonder who she was, and what she symbolized. i automatically wondered if maybe he met my former self in the spirit world, but he said she was a new character altogether. dream interpretation says a woman with long hair means happiness, and a woman with red hair means persecution (great for me), but nothing about a woman with pale, pink hair. either way, she is now a part of my subconscious desire as well and is one more thing to reunite me with my former identity that i always reminisce so fondly upon.*

(last two images borrowed from paper or plastic blog.)

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