Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Last Hours of Our Adventure.*

here are the last images from our wondrous southern vacation. moving forward, over a month later. i will always reminisce and think of returning to this time. freedom that felt like we were seventeen again, although ten years have passed and we have much more on our plates these days. letting the ball drop and fleeing to a new land. completely void of responsibility and obligations. i miss those days, and i'm so grateful that, by being together in a far away place, we can invoke them once again, at at time, at any age. the end of an era? never.*
Best Faces Ever
Our Host
OK, Just This Once

Monday, June 28, 2010

On the Road and Back Again.*

swamps and legal driving while drinking out of hot pink, plastic cups. dead mystery fish from the past and trash. rain and no bra and streetlights and sunblock. humidity and music notes. french pastries and cafe au lait. i want to go back there.*
Warm Wetness

Southern Hospitality.*

“southern hospitality” is a real thing. after visiting the south and being welcomed to take pictures at ten in the morning, these guys drank their beers and told me to make them famous. sure, no problem. i'll get right on that....*
Hangin Tuff
Make Me Famous!
Beautiful Destruction

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vintage for Sale, Round II.*

here are some current items i am selling on ebay. all cute. all in good condition. all for sale on ebay. clogs: RULE by Steve Madden. Cutoffs: Miss Sixty. Shirt: Vintage. (Sold.) Sweater: Vintage.*
clogs for sale

Retna & The Mac & Diaries in Los Angeles.*

ian took this picture of me while i was being a contemplative goth writing in my diary as he shot pictures of retna painting a wall. retna and the mac leave amazing beauty marks all over the city, crosshatched portraits and cryptic codes to be deciphered. i love stumbling across them on my drives from here to there and back again.*
Retna and The Mac

Thursday, June 24, 2010

POP Magazine.*

pop magazine nuns rick owens
"Nuns" by rick owens.*

1980's Funfetti Outfit.*

i just sold this sweater. i'm going to miss it.*
80's confetti sweater for sale!*

Babies on Beaches in Biloxi.*

on our long drive from new orleans to savannah, we stopped at the beaches in biloxi. these homeless men who were living on the beach had a perfectly well taken care of, healthy, clean baby girl. they were all cooing over her and i don't know if i have ever seen anyone so happy. i have no idea who the father was, where the baby came from, or what was going on, but they loved her so much that it wasn't my place to interfere.*
The Happiest Men Alive
Babies Make Everyone Smile
Homeless in Biloxi
Chillin at Anne Rice's

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Golden Hour.*

i stared at her the entire time. she looked so contemplative and thoughtful and maybe a bit nervous in anticipation of arriving to our shared destination. she stared out the window the entire time and i felt like a paparazzi, but she was so beautiful that i just had to have at least one good shot. the grandpa and grandson were so happy to be spending time together. their smiles were huge. it's too bad they can't be seen, but i will remember. as for me, i was just thinking too much, as usual.*
Golden Hour, Sleepy Hour
Grandpa and Grandson
She Waited 9 Hours
Sue's a Badass
The Dogs Definitely Won

Friday, June 18, 2010

Minute Details.*

pretty faces and tattooed hands that make me think of that atmosphere song....i wish i could do it.*
Beautiful Tattooed Hands
La Bonga
La Vapa
Just Cuddle Me

Fashionable Girlfriends.*

my beloved friend eriq is in this band, kill the capulets. they are really, really freakin good. anyways, don't we have cute friends? even the boys look sweet.*
Harem Pants!
Fashion Blog

Dirty South: Sentiments.*

they keep coming and coming. i suppose that's what happens when you take 13 rolls of film in 9 days. i'm grateful for each frame. i have recently been told by close friends and family, all on separate occasions, that i should become a life coach. wtf?*
New Orleans
Visual Summation
Painted Towns
Same As I Ever Was

these girls were so cute. they sold me the coolest pair of 70's vintage lace-up ankle boots in forest green and black leather. we talked about blogs, traveling, and savannah. i wish i could remember her blog....*

Fellow Vintage Lovers