Monday, June 7, 2010

Dirt South: New Orleans, Night #1

i finally got my 13 rolls developed and imported here....i am going to start slow since there are such good stories to be told. this was our first night in new orleans. we were staying at the chateau dupree and someone shoved their fist through the window above the doorknob on the door and there as blood and glass all over the hotel and i was like,"man, what a drunk idiot." the next day, as there was broken glass there, i shoved my arm through it three times in one day. anyway, these ladies know how to party, and who better to party with than a bunch of hot chicks who love to live life in the buff?* (for more images, click on the picture to link to my flickr.)
Mavi at the Chateau Dupree
Bullriding with Titties Out 3
Bullriding with Titties Out 1
Naked Wrestling
Bathtub Party
Mardi Gras

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