Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty People and Good Art.*

these are some pictures i finally got developed of my lovely friends. johanna looks so beautiful, as if getting ready backstage for some broadway show in the 70's. it's one of my favorite pictures. these are mostly from the infamous party with drika, the ukranian banker/topless GHB-guzzler. getting old film developed is always so fun.*
Cats and Birds
Baby D's Moped
Turning 26

these are my friend surge's watercolor drawings. they are super duper amazing, especially if you happen to know they people they are of. check out his stuff here.
Surge's Faces


  1. thanks for reminding me. im not that up on game like i use to be.
    happy birthday by the way!!!!!

  2. thank you so much! we missed you. we will all have to get together soon. and thank you so much for including my silly blog on your lovely one. i really appreciate it. keep up the gorgeous works.*