Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion Shoot: Chloe

ian did this fashion shoot and i got to style her (in one of my two favorite styles that i am partial to: 90's grunge or artsy librarian). my dear friend kali (YOUNGBUFF) did the makeup and i think chloe, our model, came out quite stunning. the second photo is just another one of my favs. we like to walk around downtown and talk pictures. it seems awesome bear is all the rage right now. pictures of pictures. his shit is everywhere. and no one hates on it because it's so damned cute!*



  1. Cute Kristin! Missing you <3

  2. awww homegurl i really miss you too! i envy your hiking days and hope to hug you soon. :D

  3. Up way too late...creative bursts in the middle of the night rule too hard ^-^. I want to come sew--got my machine out of the car!