Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remembering my Dirty Southern Adventures.*

just reminiscing on past travels...it's summertime again, which means it's time to travel back to my southern roots...moonshine, national forests, swamps, ghosts, voodoo, haunted mausoleums, gothic cemetaries....dreams do come true.*
Looks Like Love
Sketchy Teen Runaway
Role Models
Moonshine Fire
River Activities
Same As I Ever Was

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amsterdam Steez.*

are they NOT the cutest couple in the world? princengracht, amsterdam must be a super hip, stylish place. going on the to-go list....*

The Collective Unconscious.*

a coworker told me something amazing yesterday. she had a very intense, realistic dream that i brought her dead cat back to life using a lock of fur. i was really worried that he would come back wrong but he was great, & she was really thankful & happy. on the same night, i also had one of the most intense, enjoyable dreams of my life: i was a witch, powerful & looking through underground, ancient, occult libraries & discovering secret tarot cards to uncover a royal farce. i was flying over green hills (ireland?) trying to bring justice to the kingdom and uncovering a false prince, exploring beautiful, mythical lands & people & i was very powerful. this made us both think of the idea of the collective unconscious & the collective memory. i am a firm believer that these dreams are no coincidence. certain stones can really increase psychic visions & aid in tapping into these states....try it & practice developing your third eye. read about dreamtime crystals here. sweet dreams.*

Friday, May 20, 2011

Smokey Taboo.*

coco rosie just released their new album, "grey oceans." this is the new single and my new favorite song.*

their trailor:

full song:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Mystical Journey in Joshua Tree.*

we took a group trip to joshua tree about 2 summers ago...it's the closest you can get to the landscape im currently craving while still in california...grainy film to match the grainy sand....riding together on the same wave in between the ancient rocks....*

Best Posse in the World
My Beautiful Terrorist
Nothing Else Matters
Beautiful Araceli
The Birthday Girl

RIP Ian Curtis.*

i know i'm a day late, but he still deserves extended ups. ian curtis, your voice has haunted me since middle school, and will continue to do so forever. 31 years ago yesterday, RIP. thank you for changing music.*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Travels: Red Rocks, Navajo Lands, & Petrified Forests.*

for the past few months, all i can think of is being in desert landscape. red rocks, red earth, petrified forests, rivers, native land, cacti, silver, navajo prints, beads, and lots&lots of sky. just over a month left until i can make this trek. inspiration&desired lands....*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celestial Intensity.*

tonight, the full moon is in ever-passionate scorpio. you would be wise to be in tune with these changes. my friend marcella at
percyryder has a great description of what this means in full. if you don't have a copy of your natal chart, you can quickly get a free one here. just trying to keep y'all in the astro-loop....*

Monday, May 9, 2011

Beastly Oracle y Mapache Jewelry Booth @ The Rose Bowl.*

so yesterday i did my second booth, and it was my first time at the infamous pasadena rose bowl flea market. after days of sewing and 1.5 hrs of sleep saturday night, our little pop-up shop was voted best booth!!!! the mapache and beastly oracle party was a definite success. mothers and daughters, teenage inheritance, and all-american snacks. HURRIEDLY HUNTING, Beastly Oracle Zine #2 is officially for sale. featuring street art/graffiti superstars remeo and cat cult, there are & will be only 20 copies. all prints on vellum covers, and each zine is individually sewn and drawn on. PayPal button coming in a couple days, so keep an eye out and grab one while they last!*

Ms. Mapche
Mapache Y Beastly Oracle
Cerena rocking Mapache
Vintage for Sale!
Mother's Day
Rose Bowl Party
Beastly Oracle Zine #2: Hurriedly Hunting. feat. Cat Cult and Remeo...For Sale Now!
Mr. Cat


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome, Taurus Moon.*

the new moon has officially come and we are now in taurus. i can feel it. rebecca brents has a really good site to explain what that means in depth. these images reminded me of this transition from aries inspiration and fire and ideas and plans to taurus stability and materialization and fruitful blooms. set your plans in motion and watch them come to life.*