Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Collective Unconscious.*

a coworker told me something amazing yesterday. she had a very intense, realistic dream that i brought her dead cat back to life using a lock of fur. i was really worried that he would come back wrong but he was great, & she was really thankful & happy. on the same night, i also had one of the most intense, enjoyable dreams of my life: i was a witch, powerful & looking through underground, ancient, occult libraries & discovering secret tarot cards to uncover a royal farce. i was flying over green hills (ireland?) trying to bring justice to the kingdom and uncovering a false prince, exploring beautiful, mythical lands & people & i was very powerful. this made us both think of the idea of the collective unconscious & the collective memory. i am a firm believer that these dreams are no coincidence. certain stones can really increase psychic visions & aid in tapping into these states....try it & practice developing your third eye. read about dreamtime crystals here. sweet dreams.*

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