Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crackly Drums & Screechy Howls.*

a couple cool bands/videos: i saw this band Bestial Mouths the other night in a basement, and it reminded me of the shows i used to see in 10th grade (in the best way). White Ring is this band that rebecca took me to go see but i was too impatient to wait for them to come on (i think it was very cold that evening). Grimes is just Grimes and here because i love her and for some reason this video totally reminds me of Madonna's "frozen" video from a decade ago. lastly, a lot of people haven't seen the new CocoRosie videos yet and the beautiful, goth-victorian creepiness is really worth the watch. for endless music downloading, i've been using frostwire, which is basically the new (to me) limewire. for infinite music listening, i finally got my ass on spotify, which is super dope since i got to check about 40 weirdo bands off my "to check out" list this week alone. thanks, interwebal technology. this would have been a really expensive endeavor back in the 90's.*


  1. Other goodies

    SWANS (one of my favorite bands)

  2. dude, many thanks! excited to get on this. love that i can count on you to always be such a wealth of resources. <3 swans <3