Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Witch House.*

so following along with my OG goth rant, allow me to introduce the musical signifier of this cultural blend: witch house. pitchfork.com discusses this new genre at length: "...It's been called "drag," "witch house," and "haunted house,"...it's ghostly, slow-moving electro-pop, each with their own unique spin...."drag" is partly a reference to screwed and chopped hip-hop, the syrupy style cooked up by DJ Screw and others in 1990s Houston,...but they're also toying with dub, goth, current electro, ambient house รก la KLF's Chill Out, and even chart pop...twisting it and slowing it down, making it druggier..." oh, post-post-modernism. you are at your finest.*

(cemetary, alligator, and church from hexagram.tumblr.*)


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  2. The ruined cathedral in the second picture was also used by Mythic on their EP (possibly only release) Mourning in the Winter Solstice. A classic piece of Death Metal history by an all female band.
    I did a painting of it when I was about 15 but I've always wanted to see it without the band logo like that.

  3. awesome tidbit of info, thank you, flowdeeps! more, please! charlotte, i am totally following you. nice!*