Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kime Buzzeli.*

i fell in love with kime buzzeli and her dreamy sceneries quite some years ago, and ian was sweet enough to get one for me a couple birthdays back. this is it in our bedroom. we are also the proud owners of the one below it. the rest are out there somewhere....check her out at the moldy doily. she's amazingly talented, and so very sweet when you hang out with her. the little cherry on top, of course, is that she is a fan of the cat stuff. she also has some super adorable cats of her own, whom she shares with her followers regularly on her site. the last image is her with a cat poster that he made and a pillow that i made.*

one of ours
the strangest weapon in the world
kime on flaunt
kime's wall
kime and kitten
Cat Cult Pillows

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  1. If you like that type of artwork you should check out my friend's stuff.