Thursday, April 22, 2010

Victorian Darlings.*

i really wish victorian booties like this were still readily available in such quality and variety....
Victorian Booties

i would love to dress like these ladies, bring back words like "proper" and "dapper" et all. hipsterdom embraces all things trashy and kitch and that's great, but i still wish i had a chance to witness the days of politeness. this old woman was trying to find a moment of solace amongst tourists. i try to find those moments every day as well, but as i confiscated a knife today and sent 5 kids home for being truant and high and bandaged another kid's bleeding middle finger and tried to stop a girl from beating someone up, it's no easy task. i'd be willing to bet i would be told to slap their hands with a yardstick if we were in these days....not that i'm a fan of corporeal punishment. but still.*
Victorian Grandmothers

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