Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intro/ Sewn Cat Cult Pillows

hello. so i am starting this blog to showcase/network/sell the things i make, the things my boyfriend makes, our projects, vintage clothes for sale, fashion photos we shoot, and cool shit that i find to be inspirational and think should be shared. i'll start with these cat pillows i made: cat cult screenprints and sewn vintage patchworked borders, sometimes with hand-sewn felt babies in kangaroo pouches on the back. enjoy!*

Cat Cult Patch Pillows
Cat Cult Patch Pillows + Babies For SaleCat Cult Pillows

here are some of my friends with incredible artistic abilities that you should check out. mike alvarez is holding the big cat with the samurai baby and kime buzzelli is photographed holding the baby pillow in front of the diamond-eyed cat poster.

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