Thursday, April 22, 2010

Victorian Darlings.*

i really wish victorian booties like this were still readily available in such quality and variety....
Victorian Booties

i would love to dress like these ladies, bring back words like "proper" and "dapper" et all. hipsterdom embraces all things trashy and kitch and that's great, but i still wish i had a chance to witness the days of politeness. this old woman was trying to find a moment of solace amongst tourists. i try to find those moments every day as well, but as i confiscated a knife today and sent 5 kids home for being truant and high and bandaged another kid's bleeding middle finger and tried to stop a girl from beating someone up, it's no easy task. i'd be willing to bet i would be told to slap their hands with a yardstick if we were in these days....not that i'm a fan of corporeal punishment. but still.*
Victorian Grandmothers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mayday! Sharktoof's solo show coming up.*

De La Barracuda is proud to present: "MAYDAY!" a solo art exhibition featuring Los Angeles street artist SHARK TOOF. Opening reception is May 1st 6pm - 9:30pm
50 Limited Edition Signed, Numbered, Embossed Prints on Archival Paper will be given away FREE to the first 50 people in line.
Sound provided by DJ KUTMAH and KLAZZIQUE
Wine provided by
Drinks provided by RedBull
Shark Toof is best known for his iconic wheatpaste image of a Shark with "Toof" in the mouth. Crushing Los Angeles for the past few years, you may have seen his work in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Palm Springs, New York, Philadelphia, and abroad. Well Shark Toof is bringing the outside-in, with two major installations and wall treatment not to be missed!!

check out his stuff at: and more info at juxtapose.
i will be one of those girls in black telling you amazing things about the artist. come!

secret hideouts.*

ian and i had the most amazing weekend. where we went, there were rainbows everywhere. it was pure magick. we got a new magazine, Mirage Issue #2, and it's full of really great photos. very Ryan Mcginley. makes us want to drive and shoot and play. finally travelling to the infamous integratron this weekend. much documentation will be done. welcome, summertime.*

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tidbit of Time.*

i have been bad about updating, but with good reason. the past two weeks have been challenging, but when i look at the pretty moments in between, i feel somewhat contented for the little memories. derek's fishbowl, my inner feline, and two of the many reasons why i love pasadena below (it's even pretty in the hood). spring break will yield make-up time, and we only have 8 more weeks to go before the year is over and i am once again and free woman. willing magical plans into action....*

The Kitten in Me
Derek's Fish